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Suzanne teaches on the mezzanine of the Grand Junction Colorado Sportsman’s Warehouse store.

Gun Training

Gun training holds a very special place in the culture of liberty.  You know the level of investment in training that is right for you.  Elephant Mountain specializes in creating positive environments that maximize your comfort, learning and fun!

“Class was quite informative.  This class would be good for everyone involved in shooting sports, whether they are seasoned shooters needing a refresher course or a novice shooter just learning about firearms.  I have been shooting guns of various kinds for more than 50 years, and I was still able to come away with new knowledge of firearms use and safety. Thank You!” – Anonymous

“One-on-one attention, small class size, patient, knowledgeable instructors.  I appreciated having both a male and female instructor.  I loved the class and feel way more comfortable shooting!  Very positive environment that allowed me to get to know the instructors and other peers.”  Anonymous

“Fun!  Amazing teachers!  Great Experience!  Everything was great.  The class size, I felt very safe and respected.  I feel I was well taught to a true level of defensive knowledge.” -Katie

You Choose the Gun Training That Best Suits You

We are very aware that most civilian students don’t want paramilitary gun training, but would prefer to have learning environments that are more calm, relaxed and on a speed they can really digest and enjoy.

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