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This is a confidential special offering for people who have specific work-related cause to maintain a higher level of preparedness.

A student that came to us some years back chose to avoid his business partner’s fate: his associate was killed by an angry ex-employee.

There are many working circumstances that can qualify you for ACP training.  The point is that we need to keep this dialed-in to relevant real-time threats and situations.  We can only accommodate a limited number of students in our Advanced Concise system.

“Concise” means that we know you have limited time to invest, but still must accomplish several aspects of advanced preparedness.  We have streamlined the training approach and can teach you how to keep up the quantity of skill you choose to maintain.

You are welcome to come check us out prior to making contact about ACP by attending one of our free seminars or other class offerings.  We maintain strict confidentiality concerning ACP relationships.  The methodology of this progression is similar to boosted music lessons.  The boost comes from attending our other constructed offerings to get your CCP if needed, to learn our dynamic safety management system, to orient your fundamentals to current defensive concept knowledge… AND the ACP system is delivered in recurring one on one lessons.  Often it is necessary to rework approach to holsters, specific firearm models, and even cartridge orientation.  All levels of skill are welcome from pure beginner to advanced.  You will be amazed what one lesson every two months, six total, over the period of one year can help you accomplish.

NOWZGOOD Contract : Against Immediate Danger

If you are facing immediate danger in the form of threats you deem likely to produce attack, and are potentially looking death in the teeth – contact us about a NOWZGOOD Contract.  This contract is titled for the feeling you have about the immediacy of the need to be prepared – Now Is Good!!
(We do not offer bodyguard services – and we can only accept NOWZGOOD Contracts when scheduling permits.  Eligibility requires that you did not invoke the threat by unjust conduct. In most instances, if you have a basis to work from, we can increase your personal protective capacity by about 500% within 10 hours of training.  This is not an exaggeration.  Consider the use of percentage in terms of magnifying the pixel size of a photo.  500% means 5 times larger).

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Guy Masterson, Certified Firearm Instructor Trainer and Chief Program Director, guy@gracefulguns.com

When you feel ready and have confirmed that we are on the level and effective, please email and let us know your situation and your sense of what you need to be able to do in a pinch – guy@gracefulguns.com

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