Couples Gun Class: LION-SILK

elphant mountain couples gun class lion-silk for marriages

A Couples Gun Class Helps Get You Both on the Same Page

Marriages often hold a lot of disconnection around personal defense.  Would a caring couples gun class help build your alliance?

A great way to team up more deeply is to ground shared knowledge.  Men and women have different approaches to protective preparation.  When both are provided opportunity to work out the right connection – it all can come together.

We begin with an application and then a relaxed, informal meeting to discuss the LION-SILK process.  The LION-SILK process is like a wonderful bolt of fabric – we tailor the training format to your specific scenario.  Bringing greater balance and clearer mutual understanding to the area of protection helps many other facets of marriage life.

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Your Couples Gun Class Creates a New Perspective

The new orientation raises your safety factor.  Harmony around the staging of a defensive gun can take some work.  Learn the right methods!  As you live your life, the protection continues to advance in strength and simplicity.

Elephant Mountain focuses powerfully on offering healthy gun classes so you learn to lesson fears and ward away paranoia.  Current events give you enough to worry over – now it is time to take back the night by getting very clear about the scenarios you have decided to be able to prevail against – TOGETHER – as a couple – as a team.

couples gun class safely brings protective firearm knowledge into daily life

Lions are strong and silk is soft and smooth – man and woman are well made to fit together and we can protect ourselves, one another and our loved ones with courage.  Honorable protective discipline is healthy.  Healthy gun classes build trust, closeness, understanding and uproot paranoia and ignorant fears.  The challenge is to work protection into the practical daily moments of life in such ways that life is improved and not diminished.

Couples Should Keep Learning

Life holds endless wonders and secrets.  Such learning is ours if we want it.  A lively couples gun class, that puts new awareness where it has not been can bring blessings.  Knowledge is power – and this kind of power, like maintaining the right gun in the right place, safe from kids -and knowing how to use it when all of a sudden that moment comes – is no joking matter.  Life is valuable.  Couples that share a bright spirited survival instinct can endure many other challenges.

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