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beginner gun class - elephant mountain - guy masterson - gj co - grand junction colorado“Great class! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to start at the beginning.”

The Quality of Your Beginner Gun Course is Imppure beginner gun class - elephant mountain - gj co - grand junction co - gun training - gun classortant

We help you set the foundation.  And foundation, is everything.  Learning guns takes years and you must start somewhere.  How you start will affect the knowledge and skill that you develop later.

All beginner gun courses teach safety rules.  Still, most students get down the road a ways and have an unclear sense of how the safety rule system they adopt must be used.  Our rule system is better.  It has a special memory device to help your foundation in handling guns safely be more clear and enduring.  We study the different kinds of pistol actions and the names of the different parts and what they do.  We explain ammunition, how it works and how to buy the right type for your gun.  From stance and grip to sight alignment and trigger squeeze you direct instruction.   You will fire live rounds with a calm coach right there with you to help.

This is a fun class and we take it nice and slow.   Your beginner gun course should be easy going and well focused.  For a faster paced class, good for people with at least some experience in pistol…the DPR – Defensive Pistol Refresher covers the law, more dynamic defensive shooting, concealed carry permit authorization and much, much more.

A Thorough Careful Pace is Best in a Beginner Gun Course

We keep the instructing slow and friendly because we want people new to shooting to have a really great opportunity to take that first step.  A start with firearms overseen by professional instructors that are receptive and attentive to your concerns can make a huge difference.  We promise that this class will be conducted with patience and great attention to lead the new comer to guns in the right direction.

Beginner Gun Class with Elephant Mountain

Even if you know some people who might be able to start you in guns, consider this: There are many ways of instructing that don’t work too well and you might run into some of these.  Many people who have a background in guns mean well, but don’t have the training to teach you in ways that will best serve your development.  Elephant Mountain Instructors work hard to maximize your benefit by conducting courses with a high level of respect conveyed to the student.

Children Enjoy A Nicely Paced Beginner Gun Course

When we are young we learn easily.  As with languages, the philosophy of firearm wisdom is simpler for children.  PBGC teaches foundational knowledge.  We accept students as young as eight.  Learning in the right environment can make a big difference in decisions down the road…

Your right to defend yourself is an important life provision to know about.  Your right to firearms provides an additional excellent advantage.  End the period of your curiosity by taking the sound and wise step to have the answers; and get the training from the certified instructors who treat you right.  You will look back on your beginner gun course for a long time.  Make it a great and absorbing source!

Elephant Mountain Firearms Training: Pure-Beginner Gun Class

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Re-thread Your Orientation with a POSITIVE Beginner Gun Course

We have many students who say how much the way we teach this course helped to overcome trouble from their past.  Everyone learns some about firearms, from TV, from kids at school, from coworkers… But because there is so much misinformation out there – it really takes a special environment and caring focus to start over right.  The renewed foundation you will have from a beginner gun course done right brings a lot of peace of mind and confidence.  Read the testimonials…

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“This is the class for beginning gun users I have looked for close to a decade! I didn’t need to own a gun and the instructors explained everything clearly.”

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