Thankfully, we have come to have a great amount of wonderful testimonials.  The files of stored comments are difficult to categorize.  Here are a few to help you get a sense of our courses…

“I appreciated the small class size for individual attention.  The background behind the law applicable to this area was very helpful.”  -Amy

“100% better than the first class I took!  Very pleased.  Instructors are very patient & Informative.”   -Chris

“I’ve taken other courses that were WAY too large so the smaller class was excellent!  Also, the fact we got to shoot at a range was amazing and I had a lot more fun than I anticipated.  I was very comfortable the whole time.  The material was broken down for anyone to understand and comprehend.  The price of the class was extremely reasonable (and much cheaper than other courses I have taken) and I felt very comfortable walking away from this class where at the other classes I did not.  Guy & Suzanne genuinely care about our comfortability and safety.  I now feel that I have the knowledge and experience to apply for my CWP which I didn’t have before.  I cannot wait to sign up for other classes they offer.”    -Sydney

“Having been to other more commercial shooting courses, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Because of the small number of students, we were able to do much more than I have before.  The scenarios were realistic, and they make you think about how you can prepare for the time when you may have to use a gun to save a life.  Very useful, thought provoking.  You can’t walk away from the course without thinking about something new.”             -John

“This was my second class with Guy & Suzanne.  First for my CC Permit.  Both were over-the-top excellent.  Very inviting, thorough & I walked away with a better understanding in both the legalities involved and handgun efficiency.”     -Steve

“This class was great for everyone.  Makes a good shooter better and helps people who haven’t shot before get a much better knowledge and skill.  Very helpful from aiming to breathing and buying guns.  Suzanne and Guy and Jenn were wonderful instructors.”  -Robert

Instructor Certification Course Candidate Testimonials:

“The class size was perfect.  It allowed for plenty of teaching opportunities and a very comfortable teaching setting.  Both Guy + Suzanne are very knowledgeable, personable and helpful.  I found this class very valuable and something I will refer to friends and to others.”     -Anonymous

“Both Guy & Suzanne work well together and keep the entire class engaged.  Guy is very knowledgeable but does not come across as overbearing.  I have been in classes where if you do or say something the instructor belittles you, but I never felt that way here.  Both instructors were very calm at the shooting range which made everyone (all levels) comfortable.”   -Anonymous

“Thank you for the cake!  This was a very educational and enriching environment that allowed both the novice and retired to learn and grow.  They complimented each other very well both as dual instructors, male & female, but also as an example of strong marital unity.  Thank you for your time and positive inspiration.”  -Cole

“Class flow went very well.  A lot of attention to teaching + coaching for the students.  A lot of information covered, but was still a relaxed atmosphere.  Was not sure before arriving about the teammate idea, but turned out very beneficial.  Great facilities.  Guy & Suzanne definitely have a passion & desire to share their knowledge and training.”  – Anonymous

What does Guy say about the students?

“Our students make our program great!  For years, my wife wondered why I was relaxed before classes, even large certification classes that are a big project to put on… And I always told her that the students’ carry the class.  Your interest, curiosity, commitment to principles and superintendence of the firearm culture make our task a privilege.”